16.25" Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set, Bronze & Silver Color

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Are you not entertained? We'll fix that. The incredible 3D Roman Gladiator Pewter Chess Set is a highly detailed set that includes heavy, historically accurate pieces and a truly unique board. Each piece is painstakingly crafted from solid pewter to resemble the brave figures that spilled their blood to the sound of applause. Yes, the republic's bloodsport was a violent showcase of bashing shields, armor-piercing arrows, the rumble of racing chariots, and sword fights made all the more dramatic by ferocious cats from faraway lands. All the trials and tribulations of the Roman Gladiator can be found in this collection, but so can their triumphs. The question is. do you have the skill to rise above the fray? Can a lowly gladiator dethrone an emperor? This set also has a totally unique three-dimensional board. The overall size of the arena is 16L x 16W inches and it's comprised of the stunning Roman architecture that makes the coliseum so iconic. Each corner features rising columns and the crumbling ruin of that remarkable age, but at the heart of this base is a checkered glass surface where two opposing forces will fight for glory. Incredible glass chessboard suspended over the Coliseum. Heavy pewter pieces in bronze and silver. Base is a highly detailed resin replica of the iconic amphitheatre. Board dimensions: 13.5L x 13.5W inches. Square size: 1.5 inches. King height: 3 inches, Base width: 1.125 inches.