Blue Moon Fairy Statue
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Blue Moon Fairy Statue

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References to a blue moon usually imply that something is rare, but in the case of this Blue Moon Fairy Statue, it implies both rarity and incredible beauty. Like its namesake, this lunar fairy is as rare and beautiful as a blue moon. This celestial figure looks like she belongs in the night sky, right alongside her namesake. Wrapped in the shadowy sky as though it were a midnight blue gown, this fairy dresses in hues of blue that perfectly suit her name and her imagery as a fairy of the night sky. Her figure is further adorned with pale accents, making it look as though her dress is studded with points and lines of starlight. Her fairy wings drape elegantly against her back, while her position makes it look as though she is stretching, only having just awoken after a long sleep. This fairy statue is made from cold cast resin, which has been beautifully hand-painted to echo this fairys connection to the rare and enticing blue moon. It stands approximately 12.5 inches tall. Are you seeking a rare beauty in the night sky? Well, luckily, as rare as they can be, this Blue Moon Fairy Statue gives you the chance to enjoy this lunar beauty whenever you like, just by letting her hang around your home.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Impressive, Vibrant Colors
  • Depicts a Beautiful Blue Lunar Fairy
  • Features Impressive and Intricate Detailing
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item or Gift Idea