Bronze Mounted Ares Statue
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Bronze Mounted Ares Statue

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As the god of war, Ares was often celebrated by warriors of all types and creeds. Here, in this brilliantly detailed Bronze Mounted Ares Statue, he is depicted as grand warrior clad in resplendent armor, mounted atop an impressively adorned warhorse. This statue stands on a simple, oval-shaped base that is designed to resemble trampled earth, studded with the few skulls of Ares fallen foes. The horse head and neck are reared back, while one front leg lifts up. It is decorated with attractive armor, culminating to the ram skull decoration that sits front and center on the horses sternum. Ares himself is dressed in almost Romanesque armor, with a decoratively plumed helmet atop his head, while in one hand he holds out a sword as it leading the charge into battle. This mythic statue is made from quality cold cast resin, which has been impressively hand-painted to feature the metallic glint of cast bronze. It measures approximately 10.5 inches tall, 8.5 inches long, and 4.75 inches wide. Modern-day warriors and mythical enthusiasts both are sure to see this Bronze Mounted Ares Statue as quite the find, making it a great decor item or gift idea for anyone you know in your life to has similar tastes.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand-painted Cold Cast Resin
  • Has a Great Bronze Metal Appearance
  • Depicts the Greek God of War, Ares
  • An Incredibly Detailed Statue
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item or Gift Idea