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17" Fantasy Good Vs. Evil 3D Chess Set Brown & Natural Wood Chess Board Chess for Kids
17" Fantasy Good Vs. Evil 3D Chess SetBrown & Natural Wood Chess BoardChess for Kids
The Age of Man has ended and now the dragons, long thought to be legend, rise. The 3D Fantasy Pewter Chess Set is a war waged on the smoldering ruin of a fallen kingdom. This heavy base, crafted from metal and carefully hand-painted in rich...This chess board is crafted from high quality wood, and is the perfect candidate for almost any chess pieces. The board has a luxurious semi gloss finish, and neutral tones of natural and dark wood. This board measures 15" with 1.5" squares.Click image to read the scroll for this item...




Civil War Chess Set Crusades Chess Pieces Dragon's Lair Chess Set
Civil War Chess SetCrusades Chess PiecesDragon's Lair Chess Set
Civil War Chess Set. Declare war on your friend with this unique Civil War chess set. Consisting of full-color resin Union and Confederate chess pieces, it includes Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis as opposing kings. You even get a glass 17"x...Each hand painted chess piece offers intricate details that allow you to relive a time when Kings ruled the land while knights protected it. 3" hand painted chess pieces Constructed of cold cast poly resin Fits standard chess board (sold separately)This unique chess set is perfect for a dragon lover! Each piece features a dragon in one of the typical chess roles. The pieces for one side are silver, and the other are bronze. The set also includes a glass chessboard. A fantastic new way to...




Fortress Chess Board Go Game Beginners Set King Arthur Chess Set
Fortress Chess BoardGo Game Beginners SetKing Arthur Chess Set
This 17" Fortress Chessboard's aged castle grounds pair nicely with any medieval chessmen such as the legendary King Arthur, who according to folklore, defended Britain from the Saxon invaders in the 5th and 6th centuries. Specifications Board...A Game of Oriental Strategy...Arthurian legend includes many tales of chivalry and magic, making this fantasy chess set the perfect way to celebrate the myth. The King Arthur Fantasy Chess Set shows off a detailed design that fans of the classic game will love. The Arthurian...




Red Dragon Inn Sector Drawer Chess Set The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess, Third Edition
Red Dragon InnSector Drawer Chess SetThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess, Third Edition

The Adventure is over... but the party is just getting started...

The Swinging Drawer Chess Set features an ingenious swinging drawer to store the pieces which are nicely contoured and finished with dark and ivory cream stains. When not in play the set looks handsome on a tabletop or can easily store on a...Click image to read the scroll for this item...