Chocolate Bar Sugarsweet Fairy Statue
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Chocolate Bar Sugarsweet Fairy Statue

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If you have got a sweet tooth, than you will need something sweet to get rid of it. Luckily, this Chocolate Bar Sugarsweet Fairy Statue combines the appeal of chocolate with the beauty of fairy style to cure you of your sugary craving. Standing atop a round base, this fairy looks very much like a performer on a stage. She is dressed almost entirely in a chocolaty brown hue, including brown tights and a matching brown corset. Held in one hand, she carries along a large chocolate bar, half-opened, which reveals bars of rich brown milk chocolate, sealed inside a crumpled, gold-flecked purple wrapper. This purple accent gives the fairy greater color, while also matching the subtle purple lining on her wings, as well as the bright purple coloration of her goggled hat! Sitting just behind the fairies black booted feat are three chocolate truffles. The fairy statue is crafted entirely in fine cold cast resin material, and it is also appealingly hand-painted, to give it all the right colorful accents in just the right places. This Chocolate Bar Sugarsweet Fairy Statue gives chocoholics yet another way to appreciate the greatness that is chocolate, while also bringing a sprinkling of fairy magic into the confectioners mix, as well.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Rich, Appealing Colors
  • A Candy Flavored Fairy that Celebrates Milk Chocolate
  • Possesses an Immense Level of Detail
  • A Fine Gift Idea, Decorative Piece, or Fantasy Collectible