Dragon Slayer Fairy Statue
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Dragon Slayer Fairy Statue

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Legends are full of dragon slayers, but few of the tales include a figure quite like the Dragon Slayer Fairy Statue! This fairy knight refuses to be relegated to the role of princess, instead taking up arms to defeat the beast. She sits triumphantly atop the head of the slain dragon, her sword stuck into the snout. The long red tongue of the dragon lolls out to one side in a display of utter collapse. The brilliant color of the tongue is echoed in the vivid red hair of the fairy. She has taken on a bit more of the character of a dragon in her wings, as well, which spread from her back in a silvery, dragon-like fan. This fairy champion wears a chainmail top with the remains of a cross tunic and a short chainmail skirt along with her boots. You will need fear no fantasy beast with this charming defender about, which makes a great reason to add this piece to your fairy collection!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from cast resin
  • Hand-painted with incredible detail
  • Shows warrior fairy atop slain dragon
  • Makes a great piece of fantasy decor
  • Great gift or collectible