Fiero Dragon Statue
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Fiero Dragon Statue

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Bring your imagination to life with the dazzling Fiero Dragon Statue, which is sure to become a welcome addition to your decor. A unique and vivid sculpture like this can be appreciated by fans of fantasy creatures and realms. This piece was crafted from cold cast resin and features a high level of detail. Painted with a bright red and black shadowing this dragon is ready to rain down fire. The wings, scales, posture, and menacing face of this dragon all capture the essence of this medieval beast. He has white teeth and spikes that come out of his skull and then a row of spikes that run along his spine. The base that this statue is on is formed into a rock that has green foliage accents to enhance the realistic feel of this item. If your home has been needing a new decoration to breathe new life into it, the Fiero Dragon Statue is here to accomplish this task.

Key Features:

  • Cold cast resin construction
  • Medieval fantasy themed figurine
  • Features textured detail and vivid colors
  • Ideal for gifting, and decorating