Gladiator Fairy Statue

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The Gladiator Fairy Statue is a far cry from a traditional male fairy. This statue depicts a heavily armed and armored figure dressed for war and battle, his red cloak billowing like fairy wings as he charges the enemy lines. This impressive statue stands on a simple base, consisting of a round platform designed to look like gray rocky crags and peaks. Strewn over the rocky ground are the battered and broken weapons, shields, and helmets of this warriors fallen foes. The warrior wears a gray and gold armored belt that protects his sides and is decorated with a large red stone at the center, as well as a spiked pauldron on one shoulder and a helmet on his head. Open, metallic sandals protect his feet. Otherwise, this fighter wears a red skirt, sash, and cape, as well as red war paint across his body and face. In one hand, this warrior holds a shield decorated with gold designs and broken arrow shafts. In the other, an armored hand holds a wicked double ended poleaxe. The cape flutters behind him. This impressive statue is made from cold cast resin, which has been hand-painted to bring each and every detail into the light. It stands, from base to top, approximately 13.25 inches tall. Although it might be a little non-traditional, the Gladiator Fairy Statue still has all the subtle influences of a beautiful fairy statue, making it nothing less than a masterful work of art that any collector would no doubt be glad to include in their collection.

Key Features:

  • Absolutely Brilliant Display Piece
  • Intricately Detailed
  • Made from Cold Cast Resin
  • Beautifully Hand Painted
  • Has Incredibly Vivid Colors
  • Fantastic Decoration or Gift Item