Gregory Waving Dragonling Statue
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Gregory Waving Dragonling Statue

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Everyone, say hi to Gregory! This Gregory Waving Dragonling Statue reveals that dragons can indeed be quite cute. Young looking and friendly, this statue is a perfect dragon for the youth in all of us to celebrate, admire, and enjoy. The statue is crafted entirely in hand painted cold cast resin with a color scheme that is nothing short of vivid and bright. Yellow and red scales struck with bright blue spots let Gregory really stand out in a crowd, while its small frame, waving paw, and innocent expression create an adorably young look. This Gregory Waving Dragonling Statue is perfect for the enthusiast who wants something different out of their next dragon statue - who wants something open and fun and friendly, as well as highly adorable.

Key Features:

  • Made entirely from cold cast resin
  • Hand painted in rich colors
  • Depicts an adorable looking dragonling as it waves hello
  • Possesses comical and adorable features
  • A great home decoration piece or gift idea