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The Apprentice Wand The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Wand- Elder 15 1/2"
The Apprentice WandThe Unofficial Harry Potter CookbookWand- Elder 15 1/2"

The Apprentice Wand is handcrafted of beautiful Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) and it is just right for a young wizards spell casting. Also perfect for both love charms and healing this wand has wonderful overall presence. 

Click image to read the scroll for this item...The famed Elder wand wielded by Dumbledore...




Wand- Holly 11" Wand- Vine Carved 15"
Wand- Holly 11"Wand- Vine Carved 15"

A certain wizard by the name of Harry wielded a holly wand...

Hermione's wand had vine carvings...