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Battling Thor Statue Charging Mounted Medieval Knight Statue Crusader Knight
Battling Thor StatueCharging Mounted Medieval Knight StatueCrusader Knight
In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the last battle that reduces the world to ash. During this great battle, the god Thor is fated to fight his greatest enemy, the world serpent Jormungandr. This epic battle is depicted in the Battling Thor Statue....On foot, a heavily armored knight was assuredly a formidable foe. But on horseback, a knight became nearly implacable, and looking at this Charging Mounted Medieval Knight Statue, it is not hard to see why a knight on horseback was almost...

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Crusader Knight Statue Dragon Slayer Fairy Statue Dragon with Warrior Armor
Crusader Knight StatueDragon Slayer Fairy StatueDragon with Warrior Armor
The Crusader Knight Statue depicts a classical interpretation of a medieval warrior in armor standing on a base modeled on rocky ground. This knight features the garb of a crusader and a Templar, wearing mail armor and classic Templar robes. This...

Legends are full of dragon slayers, but few of the tales include a figure quite like the Dragon Slayer Fairy Statue! This fairy knight refuses to be relegated to the role of princess, instead taking up arms to defeat the beast. She sits...

Dragon with Warrior Armor This figurine features a suit of armor, looking battle worn, but still impressive. Curled around the armor is a dragon, mouth open in a ferocious growl, and wings held aloft. The sculpture would make a unique addition to...




Drawing Samurai Warrior Statue Eagle Crested Knight Statue French Knight on Horse
Drawing Samurai Warrior StatueEagle Crested Knight StatueFrench Knight on Horse

The act of drawing a sword, to the samurai, was very important. They had martial arts devoted to it! This Drawing Samurai Warrior Statue depicts one moment when the samurai begins to unsheathe his blade to enter combat. Dressed in the traditional...

Eagles and knights are both symbols of courage, strength, and power. In the Eagle Crested Knight Statue, both of these icons come together, with a deadly weapon, and create a must have piece of decor for any fan of medieval culture. Crafted from...

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French Unicorn Knight Statue Full Color Odin Statue German European Knight On His Great Steed
French Unicorn Knight StatueFull Color Odin StatueGerman European Knight On His Great Steed
Knights used heraldry to help identify individuals dressed in armor and to show off the regalia of their status. The French Unicorn Knight Statue depicts a helmeted knight holding sword and a shield. A rampant unicorn marks the shield and tabard...In Norse culture, it would take a powerful god to stand out and above the rest, to rise as a king and rule his godly brethren. Odin was one such god. The Full Color Odin Statue flawlessly depicts a rendition of this legendary deity. One might...Perfect gift for those that love Knight Great craftmanship. Measurement: H: 4.25 x W: 1.5 x D: 3.75