Magenta Fairy and Baby Statue
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Magenta Fairy and Baby Statue

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Affectionately nuzzling her baby, this magenta clad pixie is the epitome of maternal love. The Magenta Fairy and Baby Statue is a stunning accent to display your love of fantasy, fey, and all things magical, like motherly devotion. In a beautiful silhouette of ethereal purple and white, this fairy mother lovingly lifts her baby in her arms. The child, in a matching dress, clings to her. The wings of the baby are a miniature of her mother, reflecting the hand painted magenta splendor in their design. This statue is created from cold cast resin and is an excellent way to display the love between a mother and daughter.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous combination of purple, pink, and white hues
  • Displays a fairy mother holding her baby aloft
  • Hand painted and crafted entirely from cold cast resin
  • Fantastic gift for yourself or any mother