Morning Glory Fairy Statue
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Morning Glory Fairy Statue

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Fairies and flowers have long been companions, due in part to how fairies live with and look after all that lies in nature. In this Morning Glory Fairy Statue, the duo featured is an innocent fairy whose look complements the purity of the white morning glory. Symbolic of renewal, the morning glory is a flower that blooms anew each day, revealing its beauty for only a short time before wilting and fading, only to be reborn the next morning. This statue features a rather traditional fairy, dressed in vibrant greens as she sits atop a morning glory flower, almost as though she is admiring and perhaps even tending to the white blossoms that have only just opened up near her. And doubtlessly will she return again and again, just as the morning glory continues to bloom anew each day, just to enjoy their fleeting beauty. The statue is made from cold cast resin, a material that allows for an immense amount of detailing, and it has also been hand-painted, which ensures that each of those details is wonderfully highlighted. The fairy figurine stands approximately 5.5 inches tall. Lovers of fairies and flowers both will find that this Morning Glory Fairy Statue perfectly combines the two, creating a great little decoration that can go just about anywhere and add that touch of floral fairy style that your abode might be missing.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Impressive, Vibrant Colors
  • Depicts a Classic Green Fairy Alongside White Morning Glories
  • Features Impressive and Intricate Detailing
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item or Gift Idea