Red Winged Dragon Statue
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Red Winged Dragon Statue

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In the fantasy realm, dragons are well known as guardians of their dwellings. The Red Winged Dragon Statue, with its Gothic inspired fiery hues and intimidating expression, will undoubtedly bring a sense of protection into your home. This dragon statue is crafted entirely from cold cast resin. It depicts a long tailed winged dragon standing firmly on jagged rocks, one arm raised as if to strike at an oncoming predator. Its dark purple scales feature pink and red hues, which complement the eye catching bright red hues of its wings. A sinister look sits on the face of this dragon, letting all onlookers know to stay away if they cherish their safety. The Red Winged Dragon Statue is the perfect protector for your mythically inspired home decor.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality cold cast resin
  • Depicts an intimidating dragon standing on a bed of jagged black rocks
  • Eye catching purple and red hues add a Gothic touch
  • Represents safekeeping and security
  • Great for personal decoration or for gifting