Rogue Dragon Statue by Tom Wood
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Rogue Dragon Statue by Tom Wood

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What can match the terrifying presence of a dragon? The answer is nothing, except for a dragon that has turned its back on everything except for the hunt and the kill. The Rogue Dragon Statue by Tom Wood depicts such a terrifying black creature. This statue depicts a fearsome dragon as it stands on its hind legs. Its forelimbs are small yet powerful, and its tail is curled behind it to act as both a form of counter balance and a hidden weapon. Grand black wings stretch out from the dragons back, while its short muzzle is open in a roar, revealing its sharp teeth. It stands on a base of stone, littered with the bones of its various meals. This incredibly detailed dragon statue is made from cold cast resin, which has been hand-painted in order to highlight each and every element of the statue. It measures approximately 10 inches in height. The Rogue Dragon Statue by Tom Wood depicts a dragon of the worst sort, but its level of detail and overall appearance make it a fantasy statue of the very best quality, making it a fantastic item to decorate with or gift to others.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand-painted Cold Cast Resin
  • Features an Intimidating Black Dragon
  • Astonishingly Detailed Appearance
  • An Amazing Gift Idea or Home Decor Piece
  • Inspired and Modeled After Tom Wood Fantasy Art