The Naughty Fairy Statue
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The Naughty Fairy Statue

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Fairies are known to be the mischievous and naughty sort. In The Naughty Fairy Statue by Amy Brown, you can see it in the fairys appearance that she is a wild sort who delights in being wild and free, making her own innocent mischief. Of course, even a naughty fairy can be exceptionally beautiful. With wild red hair, this fairy sits as the perfect picture of innocence on her toadstool, although it is a ruse that throws off suspicion until she decides to act. Her Autumnal wings are extended behind her back, ready to take flight and make merry mischief at the first sign of freedom. She sits atop a toadstool, one knee drawn up to her chest, while her arms rest over her raised leg. The statue is crafted from cold cast resin and features an impressive level of detail, and it has also been hand-painted, which gives it a striking vibrancy of color. It stands approximately 6.25 inches tall. Elegant and innocent, yet striking in its mischievous expression, The Naughty Fairy Statue would make for a perfect addition to any enthusiasts collection thanks to its impressive show of classic fairy beauty.

About the Artist:

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Amy Brown was born in Bellingham, Washington in 1972. Like most talented artists, she began drawing at a young age.

Her Muse: Sometimes I get frustrated because I have so many ideas fighting to come out. Every painting has so many possibilities. I was never one of those children who daydreamed of growing up to become an artist. I just ASSUMED that was what I would be. It was never a question of - do I want to be an artist? Often there are days when I really do not want to paint. I HAVE to paint. The urge to create is almost a wild, living entity trapped inside me, clawing to escape.

Her Process: When I begin a piece, I usually have a good idea as to what I want the finished image to look like. However, by the time I actually complete the painting it has often evolved into something completely different. I start with a blank piece of paper and begin drawing. I rarely do preliminary sketches unless there is a troublesome area that needs special attention or I cannot decide on the layout of the overall piece. The initial drawing can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to hours, days, months, and sometimes years.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the Artwork of Amy Brown
  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted in Impressive, Vibrant Colors
  • Depicts Mischievous Autumnal Fairy Seated Atop a Toadstool
  • Features Impressive and Intricate Detailing
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item or Gift Idea