Vicious Dragon Statue
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Vicious Dragon Statue

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Even at 2.75 Inches tall, this gray and blue dragon casts a vicious visage. The Vicious Dragon statue musters all the fury it can with pointy black horns, irritated eyes, and pinned back ears. The dragon fearlessly shakes his fist at any onlooker and delivers that dangerous stare from his glowering eyes. Still, with a substantial, round head perched atop a paunchy baby body, this dragon is hard not to love, but do not tell him that. Formed in cold cast resin and painted shades of cold gray with blue accents, the Vicious Dragon is a callous creature sure to warm your heart.

Key Features:

  • Dark Gray Dragon Scales with Blue Accents
  • Ink Black Angry Eyes
  • Great Gift or Collectible