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    12C. CRUSADER HOLY LAND SWORD Attack on Titan Sword BLUE EXORCIST Shura Kirigakure Sword
    12C. CRUSADER HOLY LAND SWORDAttack on Titan SwordBLUE EXORCIST Shura Kirigakure Sword

    Functional sword

    • 36" overall, including leather sheath

    Blade Length : 67cm

    Handle Length : 24cm

    Overall Length : 100cm




    Dark Repulser, Great Sword of Kirito Golden Oriole-Paul Chen GREEK PARAZONIUM DAGGER
    Dark Repulser, Great Sword of KiritoGolden Oriole-Paul ChenGREEK PARAZONIUM DAGGER
    The Dark Repulser is a one-handed sword, created by Lisbeth for Kirito out of a Crystallite Ingot, which was obtained from a special quest. This sword is aqua-colored. Its grip is a darker color than the rest of the blade and is completely...

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    Features: Parazonium dagger with a hand forged fullered EWN45 steel blade, hardwood hilt, brass pummel and guard, matching scabbard. Brand: Greek Material: Steel Descripion: This classic reproduction, with it's long trianglar blade reflects the...




    GREEK SWORD (BONE INSERT) ALFEDENA Hanwei Sword Cleaning Oil Hawkeye Mihawk Sword from One Piece
    GREEK SWORD (BONE INSERT) ALFEDENAHanwei Sword Cleaning OilHawkeye Mihawk Sword from One Piece
    Features: Functional stainless carbon steel Brand: Greek Material: Stainless carbon steel Descripion: The handles and the top and bottom of the scabbard are made of bone covered with iron. This iron facing has pierced decoration so that the bone...This Paul Chen-Hanwei Sword oil is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection for carbon steel weaponry...Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel Overall Length: 46" inches Please use safety and precaution even with replica items. **Non-functional**




    Historically Inspired Dark Ages Medieval Knights Dagger Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark Ichigos Final Form Dagger
    Historically Inspired Dark Ages Medieval Knights DaggerIce, Sword of Eddard StarkIchigos Final Form Dagger
    Designed with the historical collector in mind, our Dark Ages Medieval Knight's Dagger features an 11" mirror-polished stainless steel blade. The false-edged blade has intricate laser etchings down the center of the blade. Ornately designed zinc...Stoic, duty-bound and honorable, Ned Stark embodied the values of the north. In moving to King's Landing to serve as Hand to his longtime friend Robert Baratheon, Ned fell on the wrong side of court intrigues and paid for it with his life. This...