FairyArt: Painting Magical Fairies & Their Worlds
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FairyArt: Painting Magical Fairies & Their Worlds

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Let your imagination take flight! David Adams's paintings guide you into a realm of wonder and delight. In this book, you'll discover techniques for using acrylic paints to create realistic interpretations of fairies and their romantic worlds. From the basics of color and composition to ideas for using nature as a starting point, you'll find everything you need to paint your own enchanting fairy dreamscapes. Instruction on how to paint a variety of fairies, including facial features, delicate wings, poses, flowing hair, clothing and more Lessons on painting natural settings and elements to enhance your fairy scenes, such as butterflies, birds, trees, bumblebees, water reflections, flowers, mushrooms, waterfalls, clouds and rainbows Secrets to achieving otherworldly lighting effects such as magical sparkles, moody fogs and luminous glows 20+ step-by-step painting demonstrations show you how to portray beautiful fairies in various settings