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Despite its fantastical appearance, the Griffin’s history is rooted in a believable tale. Myths tell of this eagle-lion hybrid guarding hordes of gold, much like dragons. History tells that skeletons of the dinosaur Pentaceratops, itself a creature with a powerful body, sharp claws, and a beaked face, have been discovered near gold veins. Perhaps those bones were mistaken for those of a Griffin long ago.


The cautious Griffin peers out the opening of its cool cave, curious about the clanking and stomping outside. It sees an army, metal helmets and spear tips gleaming in the sun as the men march through the desert. The powerful Griffin shudders its wings and flicks its tale. Surely, it thinks, the army wouldn’t be foolish enough to steal its gold? One of the men breaks away from the group, peering toward the Griffin’s cave. “Agamemnon!” another cries. Do not enter there! It is the lair of fell beasts!”

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size: 4.33" L x 4.99" W 4.29" H x ( 11.1 cm x 12.8 cm x 11 cm )