Guardian Dragon
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Guardian Dragon

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By the time written records were regularly kept, Guardian Dragons were all but legend: tales whispered by grey-bearded knights to their grandchildren. Early tradition tells of powerful kings and queens who allied themselves with dragons, eventually creating the breed known as Guardian Dragons.


The wizard bounded up the stone steps, taking two at a time. He’d done it this time. After a lifetime of dangerous work breeding dragons, he’d finally found a combination that met his leader’s request. The local chieftain who called himself king of the forest tribe wanted a dragon that was tame enough to be trained yet still a formidable foe for any invaders. After the incredibly harrowing work of gathering dragon eggs and working with his potions to combine the hatchling’s traits, the wizard had settled on the answer. A combination of the meek forest dragon, the powerful cloud dragon, and the friendly happy dragon proved to be the answer. This newly created beast would be loyal, yet stern; calm, yet forbidding. Guardian dragon. What a perfect name. The chief would surely be pleased.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 3.51" L x 6.14" W 5.17" H x ( 9 cm x 15.75 cm x 13.25 cm )