House Stark T-Shirt
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House Stark T-Shirt

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Winter is Coming House Stark of Winterfell is the main noble house of the North and one of the major Houses of Westeros. As one of the eldest Houses in Winterfell, they used to rule the Seven Kingdoms as the Kings of Winter. After House Targaryen conquered the Kingdoms House Stark remained intact as the wardens of the North. The House represented by the Direworlf on this House Stark Shirt has been around since the Age of Heroes. Bran the Builder is the first known member of the Stark lineage. The Starks still follow the Old Gods. After Lord Eddard Stark reluctantly agrees to serve as the Hand of King Robert Baratheon the ancient House of Stark is lead on a destructive and very trying path. Jon Snow, a bastard of Eddard Stark continues on part of the ancient House tradition of manning The Wall and keeping watch over the realm. This high quality House Stark shirt also boasts the House Motto "Winter is Coming." Original artwork by Mary Simmons. The House Stark shirt is 100% cotton. The design is done in pressed vinyl so it is incredibly durable and will never fade. Sigel on the front. Saying on the back.