Mother Love Dragon
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Mother Love Dragon

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Although oral legends of the Love Dragon date back thousands of years, the first written records come from a squire of one of the knights of the round table. His master fell deeply in love, and that love was requited—the two pledged unending faithfulness. From that moment, the squire reports, a small Love Dragon could always be seen near the lovers. Love is alive and well, and Love Dragons are thought to exist still as well.


Wiggling her wings, the bright pink Love Dragon stretched her neck toward the sky. She loved sunsets. The colors reminded her a little of her own scales. Fortunately, the loving couple she’d protected these ten years enjoyed sunsets as well. They stood hand-in-hand on the beach, gazing at the slowly dropping sun. The love dragon watched from the shadows of a copse of fir trees nearby, careful not to reveal herself. Just as the sun disappeared below the horizon, the Love Dragon blew a light gust toward the lovers. To them, it felt like a breeze, but it was truly the kiss of a Love Dragon, the guarantee of true love.

There she was reunited with her lover, who’d been searching the jungle the entire time. The Love Dragon remained in the village, watching over the happy couple as they aged.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 5.95" L x 4.49" W 4.49" H x ( 15.25 cm x 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm )