Nick the Knight and the Dragon!
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Nick the Knight and the Dragon!

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Nick the Knight isn’t the greatest knight by far. Everybody knows that he’s the smallest knight in the land. . . .. He’s too tiny to ride a horse, can’t shoot an arrow to save his life, and can’t even lift his sword (it’s just too heavy for a little fellow like him). To tell the truth, Nick doesn’t even believe he’s very brave―in fact, he’s scared to death of spiders! But one day (and much to his surprise) this fine little knight is called to action when the biggest dragon he’s ever seen comes ROARING into the kingdom. Nick has no choice but to face this beast since he’s the only one who didn’t run away. Will Nick be able to prove that, while he may be small, he can still be the most courageous, compassionate, and yes―bravest―knight of all?