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Helios, the Greek sun god, rode his chariot across the sky each day, driving four immortal horses. One of these was Pyrois, the flaming horse. His sleek, black body stayed cool even as his mane and wings turned bright yellow, orange, and red.



The sun-god Helios required a new steed to pull his chariot across the heavens. It must be an immortal horse, one worthy of carrying a god and strong enough to brave the sun. He held a race, inviting all the great horses from around the world to race a course from his palace in the east to the western horizon.

Flying horses came from near and far, including Pegasus and Areion. But among the steeds, one stamped the ground with fury, sparks flying from where his hoofs met the earth. This was Pyrois—Fire.


The race began. Snorts and neighs filled the air as powerful wings lifted the racers into the sky. The sight was glorious, but Pyrois was most glorious of all, his wings and mane growing brighter the higher he flew.

And so great Pyrois, whose name means Flame, burned a course across the sky, winning the race to the horizon. Helios gladly accepted the great steed into his stables, and the mighty horse has pulled Helios’ chariot ever since.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size: 4.88" L x 3.51" W 3.22" H x ( 12.5 cm x 9 cm x 8.25 cm )