St George Slaying the Dragon Bronze Resin Statue
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St George Slaying the Dragon Bronze Resin Statue

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The Saint George and the Dragon legend describes the saint overcoming a dragon that demands human sacrifices, and delivering a maiden.

The hagiography of Saint George goes back to the 7th century at least, does not give this dragon legend per se, but contains a kernel, since it refers to the king persecuting the martyr as the "dragon of the abyss". Also, a dragon-slaying legend attached to St. Theodore may have transferred onto this saint.

The earliest known narrative of the dragon episode is an 11th-century Georgian text. The "iconographical" artistic depiction that match the story (which show the dragon and the l) dates to around the contemporary period in Georgia, corroborating the legend's possible origin there.

From its Eastern origins, it was introduced into Western Christian tradition, possibly by the Crusades. The earliest Latin text may be of the late 12th century, but the story was not popularized until the mid-13th century when the legend in appeared in Speculum Historiale and the Golden Legend, and thereafter became a favourite literary and pictorial subject in the Late Middle Ages. The legend has become part of the Christian traditions relating to Saint George.

10 1/2 x 7 1/4 x 14 inches.

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