Twilight Pegasus
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Twilight Pegasus

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The original Pegasus sprung from the Gorgon Medusa after she was defeated by Perseus. Eventually the horse was flown to the heavens by Bellerophon, where it became on constellation. Never completely happy with the quiet life among the stars, Pegasus took a new form: Twilight Pegasus. Not willing to settle into life among the stars, but not wanting to leave the night sky bereft of a constellation, Pegasus takes the form of Twilight Pegasus, allowing itself to roam the world once again when it desires a new adventure. On cloudy nights when the stars remain invisible, the flying horse transforms into Twilight and leaves its space in the heavens.


After achieving great victories with the Greek hero Bellerophon, including defeating the Chimera, the winged horse Pegasus took to the skies and became a constellation.

But after hundreds of years, the brave horse once again thirsted for adventure. Desiring to be ridden by heroes and to take part in great deeds, Pegasus took on an alternate form, Twilight Pegasus. This freed him to leave the heavens on starless nights and gallop the dark earth or soar the night sky, seeking a new hero to adventure with.

Twilight Pegasus is wilder and freer than its namesake, but remains a magical horse of great honor. He will only allow himself to be ridden by true heroes and adventurous spirits.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size: 5.46" L x 8.00" W 3.71" H x ( 14 cm x 20.5 cm x 9.5 cm )