Under a Violet Moon
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Under a Violet Moon

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Under a Violet Moon is the second studio album by the group Blackmore's Night, released May 25, 1999. Under a Violet Moon won the New Age Voice award for the best vocal album of the year.

1. "Under a Violet Moon" Ritchie BlackmoreCandice Night 4:23
2. "Castles and Dreams" Blackmore, Night 3:33
3. "Past Time with Good Company" trad. by King Henry VIII 3:24
4. "Morning Star" Blackmore, Night 4:41
5. "Avalon" trad. 3:03
6. "Possum Goes to Prague" (Instrumental) Blackmore 1:13
7. "Wind in the Willows" (feat. John Ford) Alan Bell 4:12
8. "Gone with the Wind" (Includes "Polyushko-polye" by Lev Knipper, a popular Russian song of mid-30's.) Blackmore, Knipper, Night 5:24
9. "Beyond the Sunset" (Instrumental) Blackmore 3:45
10. "March the Heroes Home" trad. by Michael Praetorius, Blackmore, Night 4:39
11. "Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well)" trad. 5:23
12. "Catherine Howard's Fate" Blackmore, Night 2:34
13. "Fool's Gold" Blackmore, Night 3:32
14. "Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus" (Instrumental) Blackmore 2:31
15. "Now and Then" (including the Prelude in C by J.S. Bach) Night 3:11
16. "Self Portrait" (Rainbow cover) Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio 3:19