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Long ago, when magic was taken for granted, and witches hid in every dark corner, it wasn’t hard to imagine that the wolves roaming the countryside and filling the nights with their ghostly howls were actually werewolves, humans who shape-shifted into wolves. Along with vampires, werewolves took hold in the popular imagination, and they came to be associated with full moons, violence, and all sorts of horrors. In reality, there are several medical conditions that could make a person grow excess hair, enough to appear wolf-like. There’s even a medical condition known as clinical lycanthropy, in which a person believes himself to be an animal. Perhaps there is more truth to werewolves than some suspect.


The moon had long since set, and a bluish hue began to fill the eastern horizon. The air felt cold, but with his thick, wiry fur, the Werewolf hardly noticed. Its claws scraped rocks and dug into dirt as it ran, alternating between four legs and two legs, powerful muscles propelling it forward. A night of terrorizing the local sheep farmers hadn’t gone as planned. They’d expected him, and they’d been prepared. Sure, he’d made off with a few tasty morsels, but it was hardly enough. He still felt bits of wool between his sharp teeth, but he felt something else as well. The change was coming. Sunrise must be approaching. The Werewolf added speed, covering the distance to his home just in time.

Panting and out of breath, a man stood at his front door a moment before opening it. Once inside, he went straight to the bathroom for some dental floss.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size: 4.00" L 4.00" H x ( 10.25 cm x 10.25 cm )